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I've challenged Ms Howard the auditor from McPherson county on her fakebook entries during duty hours. The entries have been about what has been going on during the rejection of the petitions. I also informed the States Attorney Mr. Hoffman who of course doesn't know law and I have to train him with every email we send back and forth to each other. He advised that she does have 1st Amendment rights! I total him that was laughable that he can point out her rights while at the same time taking away the rights of others when petitioning!

I also emaile Schoenbeck in regards to his comments made behind citizens showing up for training. He first said I was lying about that comment but that found his back against the wall when he realized I knew what I was talking about and of course then started to back track his story!

I have recently emailed the SOS and constantly email the state reps.

You are correct, people across the state, if wanting to know what they can do, is to voice their comments. They, the reps get the messages!

The time for being nice is OVER!! That didn't work.

Ran across this video last night and found it interesting:

"What would a second Civil War look like in the US?"


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Great article full of info!

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So many issues. There is no way we are having legal elections.

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